Ron Orr, your UCP candidate for Lacombe-Ponoka

Ron Orr has been honoured to serve the people of Lacombe-Ponoka as their MLA and stand for conservative values and fiscal responsibility.

Ron has been a strong supporter of Alberta’s energy sector by fighting for the approval of all pipelines and the elimination of all unnecessary regulations, red tape, and taxes.  And he has lobbied against any government-imposed regulations that threaten family farm operators.

Ron and his wife Donna have 3 children and are blessed with 3 grandchildren.  They see how the NDP is failing families today with out-of-touch taxes like the multi-billion dollar carbon tax, and failing them tomorrow with out-of-control spending that burdens Albertans’ children and grandchildren with more debt.  Ron has also been a strong advocate for school choice, parental authority, and a balanced and rigorous curriculum that reflects the diversity of Albertans.

Ron is ordained Minister who volunteers for organizations that focus on the leadership and personal development of youth. He understands the difference that every one of us can make in our communities and wants to work with Jason Kenney to renew the Alberta Advantage and reignite the economy.